Google Mini & Amazon Echo Dot in old radio cases

A.I. Radios anyone?



A.I. Radios anyone? - We had a customer who brought along 2 old radios which were unfortunately beyond economical repair. The customer then suggested he would like to use the cases and add a Google Home Mini and a Philips hue light to one, and an Amazon Echo Spot in the other. Naturally I salvaged all the parts I could before embarking on the task, but I think you'll agree they both look stunning after the respray and retrofit of modern technology! They are now in daily use and fully integrated into his Smart Home. Although we like to repair and restore where possible we are also happy to take on commissions like this. If you want a repair, full restoration or a bespoke creation then give us a call on 02381 290567 or visit the website at


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A.I. Radios anyone?

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